IM Title Jasel Lopez

Jasel Lopez has scored his 3rd IM norm in the Dutch Competition (6 out of 9). He can now apply for the IM title. Congratulations Jasel!


A big “THANK YOU!”

First of all, I would like to thank the players of the Mokumse Meesters. You have played great games and showed a competitive spirit, but with a very friendly and social attitude. I can only say that I could not have wished for a more enthousiastic group of players!

I am also very grateful to everyone who has facilitated the tournament. In the first place of course our venues of the Amsterdam chess clubs – Caïssa, De Raadsheer, VAS, Amsterdam West, Zukertort and ENPS – and Cafe Batavia 1920: you made us feel very welcome! Furthermore, to my backup arbiters Eric Roosendaal and Gerie Opgenhaffen: thanks guys! Of course, I truely appreciate the work done by all people who gave the tournament its publicity. And last but not least, thanks to everyone who showed interest in the tournament. I hope you all enjoyed the tournament as much as I did!

I have been asked during the last months numerous times whether Mokumse Meesters will be back next year – or more often, it was assumed in our conversation that it would be. My usual response is: “You evaluate at the end.” That time has now come. I can only say that I consider the first Mokumse Meesters a big success. You may consider “first” an indication of my feelings towards a new edition, but some other challenges await me as well. For now, again a big thanks to all who showed so much enthousiasm for the event!

PS I would like to encourage other cities to explore possibilities to organise similar events. If you would like to have some input or ideas, please let me know.

The final

At the final night, Demre missed an early draw offer but won later on against Jasel to win the tournament with a great score of 7½ out of 9.

Tjark against Tobias saw a spectacular finish with Tobias winning and taking second place, scoring an IM norm with a 6½ score.

Third place is shared between Hing Ting and Barry (6/9).

(Photos: Dirk Goes)

Remaining playing schedule

Tuesday 9 April – Caïssa
Albert Blees – Hing Ting Lai ½-½
Tom Bottema – Khoi Pham 1-0
Barry Brink – Demre Kerigan 0-1

Friday 12 April – Zukertort
Hing Ting Lai – Demre Kerigan 0-1
Francisco Hernandez Iglesias – Albert Blees 0-1
Tom Bottema – Barry Brink 0-1

Thursday 18 April – Amsterdam West
Demre Kerigan – Jasel Lopez 1-0
Hing Ting Lai – Francisco Hernandez Iglesias 1-0
Tjark Vos – Tobias Kabos 0-1

Games, standings and results at Chess Results or the Scores list and Results Page.

Norm chances

After 25 of 45 games played, it is time to have a look at norm chances. Two players are still in the race for IM norms: Tobias Kabos (score 4 out of 6) and Jasel Lopez (score 4½ out of 6).

Tobias needs to score 2½ out of his remaining 3 games. His program: Khoi Pham (black), Hing Ting Lai (black) and Tjark Vos (black).

Jasel also needs to score 2½ out of his remaining 3 games. His program: Hing Ting Lai (black), Barry Brink (white) and Demre Kerigan (black).

Update games 7 and 8:

Jasel has lost game 7 and his quest ends. With his win in round 7 and a draw in game 8, Tobias is on track. He needs to win his last game against Tjark Vos with black (scheduled on 18 April).